Stay tuned my very best music is on the way

My full album''undisclosed to the public due to Idea concept thieves lurking in my midsts'' will be publicly introduced at the time of my full album launch coming very soon after my 2nd single launch...Trust me, if you enjoy my self produced/composed/written, very grounded and lyrically relatable Best r&b/Soul #TheAKADEMIA award winning single entitled ''Lunch'' thing I will promise that; it gets a whole lot better and musically interesting.


''Expect Originality, Innovative out of the box musical production passionate expressiveness and songs written from a place of logic-feelings & wisdom;  I strive to stay as vocally authentic to my natural vocals in this ever growing ''passionate-less'' vocally dishonest industry and for my growing fan base'' the album will bring Variety and lyrical concepts very few if ''any'' artist has yet to incorporate in their albums...only personal/intellectual/spiritual & emotional growth,evolution and wisdom understand the value of being ...authentic.


''Michael Nove'lll'

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